Ford Bronco: Good SUV to Buy

Ford Bronco is a SUV (sports utility vehicle) that was produced in 1966. Production of the car stopped in the year 1996. Since the initial production of the car, it has been categorized into two distinct groups: early broncos that were manufactured between the year 1966 to 1977 and full size broncos that were produced between 1978 to 1996. To find more info about this car, visit Wikipedia or read 2016 Ford Bronco – Great Car for a Long Journey.

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The Bronco was first introduced into the market as a competitor to standard SUV vehicles like Jeep CJ-5 and the International Harvester Scout. The Bronco was designed and built on it’s own platform with major redesigning being done in 1978. The new design was big in size and used a shortened Ford F truck series.


The initial engine that was used in the Broncos was the Ford 170 cu which had a capacity of 2.8L with modified solid valve filters. It was equipped with a 6 US-quart oil pan with a heavy duty fuel pump. Other features that were included in the initial Ford Bronco include, an oil bath air cleaner, a carburator with a relatively flat bowl to compesate against tilting.


With years and the growth of technology, the Bronco has undergone major improvements to cope up with it’s competitors. The company increased the car’s engine by introducing an optional V8 engine that produced a horse power of 205 for 200hp. This enabled the car to be increased in size and length.

 2016 Ford Bronco: Good SUV to Buy

The manufacturers also introduced an optional automatic gear transmission mode that replaced the manual transmission mode. They also introduced a power steering concept that increased control of the car significantly. Having sold over 23,00 cars during the first year of production, Bronco sold over 26,000 after those major improvements.

In 1988, all Broncos in production were equipped with an electronic fuel injection system. The five speed transmission was added as an option in 1988 and was used until 1990.


The first Bronco was sold for about US$2,200 and more than 23,000 units were sold. The fifth generation of the car was had a fuel consumption of 14 mpg in the city and 17 mpg on the highway. It selling price in the market is about US$10,000.

The Ford Bronco is an ideal vehicle that can travel to very extreme weather and road conditions that most cars cannot. It is a full-time four wheel drive car that features many modern features like GPS tracking systems and navigation equipment. The car has a power take off shaft that’s ideal on muddy conditions. The price is also relatively cheap.

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