GoDaddy Website Builder Review And Coupons 2014

If you are thinking of building a super awesome and a beautiful site but you are confused whether GoDaddy will satisfy your purpose then this review will make an attempt to answer your question. Because of their remarkable marketing strategy, there’s hardly any person who has not heard of this website builder.

GoDaddy Website Builder Review And Coupons 2014

Their advertisements are omnipresent right from billboards, television commercials to radio and print ads. With their smart and witty commercials, they have attracted the eyes of lot many people and their customer base is also exponentially increasing. Lets have a look at some of the most remarkable features of the website builder in the following paragraphs. However, first off, we’re so happy to share newest and latest GoDaddy coupons in 2014 and 2015 for you.


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1. User Interface with Professional Design Themes: The user interface is easy to use and also images, presentations, slideshows, etc can be positioned anywhere on the website without any difficulty. The text and images are pre-populated and hence the user should only replace the content with his own. The design can be adjusted by dragging the existing content and the layout can be modified by adding new pages. Moreover, it provides more than 300 professional-looking themes.

2. Chat, Email and 24/7 Phone service: Their customer support is simply fantastic and the company also values the clients. If you have any trouble just give them a ring on phone and they will answer your questions. Also, if you send them and email you will get your answer within an hour. Further, it also provides live chat where you can just ping the support staff for solution to your problem.

3. Restore Functionality: You can easily create backup copies of your website any time. As a result, multiple copies of the same website can be saved and so you are not restricted to restoring only the version which is recent. This is one of the most significant function which has not been provided by any other website builder.


1. Can’t Switch themes: The only shortcoming of the website builder is that once have picked up a theme to use, you’re not able to change to another one without loosing your content. Hence, it’s essential to try out and choose your theme meticulously before committing to one.

2. Absence of e-Commerce Tools: There’s a different version of the website builder that is specifically catered to online stores. The downside is that if you want to incorporate a “Buy Now” button in your website then you need yo use “HTML code” tool in the builder. However, this gives you only limited functionality.

3. Mobile Interface very basic: The look of the mobile version of their website is not great in comparison to how awesome their site looks on a desktop computer. One of the unique feature which has been used on the mobile version is that they have provided an option to hide or display any content from mobile version. If you don’t want to view a particular content on the mobile website then you can turn it off. Even thought this function gives the user flexibility, the design of mobile website of GoDaddy is not exciting.

Hopefully, the information shared here will be useful for you.